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Hitra gårdsmat - glade kyr.
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Hitra gårdsmat.

Hitra gårdsmat - Farm Food

The farm restaurant - a natural place for adventure, companionship and enjoyment.

Gourmet Meat and award-winning cheeses, meats, seasonal vegetables and freshly baked bread, served on the farm where it all is produced - this is real local food!

The restaurant welcomes groups of 15 to 45 people and can at short notice serve light meals from the farm cheeses with seasonal accessories. The hosts Bodil and Yngvar get everyone to feel like a guest of honor. Kilde: Kystnorge AS
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Mobile phone: 930 36 863
Email: bodil@hitragaardsmat.no
Web: www.hitragardsmat.no
7243 Kvenvær
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