Sletringen fyr, Frøya

The Thrill Of Storm Watching!

Stom watching has become big business along the coasts of United States and Canada. But there is no need to travel to another continent to discover the fury of the elements. The coasts of Trøndelag have plenty of wind, sideways rain and huge waves to satisfy the adventurous storm watcher.

Bicycling along the coast of Trøndelag

Bicycling along the coast of Trøndelag, Norway

Bicycling is perfect for wonderful experiences by the coast of Trøndelag, Norway. Enjoy the scenery, scents and the meetings with hospitable people

Fishing at Bessaker, Roan

Fishing along the coast of Trøndelag

A fishing paradise meet you whether you like sea fishing or freshwater fishing. On fishing holidays along the coast of Trøndelag we can promise big fish.

The Coastal Pilgrimage Route to Trondheim

The new Coastal Pilgrimroute in Norway offers an exciting and alternative way to enter the holy city of Nidaros by sea.

Visit Coastal Norway

Hike through beautiful scenery at Hitra

Hike through beautiful coastal nature and find inner peace along trails suitable for everyone. But remember to get familiar with the guidelines of "the right to roam" if you want to travel like a true Norwegian!


Discover the islands west of Frøya, Norway

Visit the islands of Frøya in the far west at the coast of Trøndelag - from Sletringen lighthouse in the south to Halten lighthouse in the north

Taste local food at the coast of Trøndelag, Norway

Enjoy local food at the coast of Trøndelag, Norway

Enjoy local food at hotels by the coast of Trøndelag, Norway. We are proud of "the non traveled food" and the raw materials right at our doorstep!

Digital culture trails in Rissa

Walk along a digital ancient heritage trail in Rissa

Along trails at different places in Rissa, we tell you stories from all the way back to the Stone Age. Free wireless network nearby provides video, photos and text on your mobile. You may also read the posters along the trails

An acuaculture farm, Hitra

Aquaculture farm at Hitra, Norway - see how it works

Ever wondered how a salmon aquaculture farm works? Join us and we'll explain. A fast RIB with a guide take you out to the aquaculture plant.

Viewpoint at Sumstad, Roan

Travelling and fishing in Roan, Norway

Take a trip through Roan - come close to majestic mountains and pictoral bays. The road will take you over the Mountains, around the bends and give you a new scenery at every turn

Boat builders at the museum Kystens Arv in Rissa

The Kystens Arv museum in Rissa, Norway - boat builders

The boat builders at the museum Kystens Arv in Rissa, Norway, build wooden boats after an ancient tradition. Learn about how they take care of old crafts

Hopsjø wharf at Hitra

Hopsjø at Hitra, Norway - an old trading center by the coast

Hopsjøbrygga at the island Hitra by the coast of Trøndelag, Norway. You will find a maritime environment with a long history and Norways oldest store

Terningen lighthouse at Hitra

Terningen lighthouse at Hitra, Norway - accomodation

At Terningen lighthouse you will experience the nature adventures with abundant fishing and proximity to the elements

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