Stykket i Rissa

Rock carvings at Stykket in Rissa

You can start at the ferry landing at Rørvik and end up in Råkvåg.


Stykket, Stadsbygda

At Stykket in Vanvikan, Rissa, you can see rock carvings of a moose that is five thousand years old. For thousands of years the rock art has been there, as an tangible evidence of Stone Age humans, our ancestors.

Segltur på Kystens Arv

Come for a sailing trip with traditional boats on the Trondheimsfjord

The museum Kystens Arv, Stadsbygda

conveys culture from the coast of Trøndelag in mid Norway. The museum has one of the largest collections of traditional Norwegian boats from the area, a boat building yard, an exhibition on the Lofoten fisheries, a blacksmith, several boat houses, boats, beds and places for you to camp.

At the museum “Kystens Arv” you may join for a sailing trip on the fjord in one of the traditional sailing boats. Experience the special environment at the museum area. Walk up to the beautiful rose garden.

Rødberg fog bell, Stadsbygda

is the only free-standing, intact fog bell north of Oslo. Here you have a great view of the Trondheim Fjord.

Fruene i Fjøset, Rissa

Wander in the garden, see gallery, grab a cup of coffee and visit outlet clothing and local products at Fruene i Fjøset

Fruene i Fjøset, Stadsbygda

is a cozy place where you can walk in the garden, relax with a cup of coffee and maybe buy something in the store in the barn?

Grønningsbukta bird-watching tower, Stadsbygda

is located in a nature reserve in the heart of the village.

Heggli Herb Garden, Stadsbygda

is an exciting place with a store (herbs and jellies), food service and accomodation.

View of the Rein area (Johan Bojer area)

When you drive from Stadsbygda heading west towards the community center of Rissa, make sure to stop at Skardet. Here you have a good view of the Rein area, Kvithylla, the mountain Blåheia and the center of Rissa. This is the area described in the novel “The Last Viking” by Johan Bojer.  “The Last Viking” is set up as a open air theater at the museum “Kystens Arv” every two years.

The Johan Bojer monument, Rissa

is located just off the road on the left as you drive north. The monument stands at his childhood home.

The Persen place, Rissa

is the home of the novel character «Pinadø med litjfoten»  described in the novel  “The Last Viking” by Johan Bojer.

Memorial at the large landslide in Rissa in 1978

Memorial stone at the place where there was a large landslide on April 29, 1978. Poster and picnic area.

Rein kirke i Rissa

The Rein church in Rissa

Rein church and the Rein monastery, Rissa

Walk along a digital path and experience the stories of the Rein church and the monastery remains at Rein. Get the stories directly on your mobile phone by using QR codes.

The Sund Bridge, Rissa

The area at the Sund bridge is a bird sanctuary. The local business “Snadder and Snaskum” cultivates mussels here.

Rissa Hotell

is located in the center of Rissa community. Treat yourself to a good traditional Norwegian meal. Stay overnight if you plan to spend more days in Rissa.


Langsand, Rissa

has swimming area located by the Skauga bridge. Fish for salmon in the river Skauga.
Marina: Sjursvika Båtforening

Hysnes, Hasselvika

Visit Hysnes Militære Museum.

The Brettingen mountain, Hasselvika

is suitable for walking and hiking.

The Selness cliff at Selnes

is a steep rock popular among mountain climbers.

Stall Selnes, Selnes

offers horseback riding on Icelandic horses. They also have cottages for rent. Read more:

Gå langs kultursti på Refsnes i Rissa

Walking trail with information on thousand years of history

Refsnes cultural heritage trail, Selnes

At Refsnes there is a walking trail in the wood conveying thousands of years span of history. There are cultural relics from far back in time.

There are Stone Age settlements, homesteads, fishing places, Iron Age burial ground and even a execution site.

Along the path there are information posters and QR codes which you can scan into your phone. The area has free wifi.

Solbakken Farm, Selnes

offers horseback riding and fishing. Rentals and boat rentals.

Husby Marina, Stjørna

has a marina. Please contact: Gerda Husby, phone: 922 19 933

Råkvåg har lang bryggerekke og her er stor aktivitet om sommeren

Råkvåg offers outdoor theatre play in July


has the longest pier railing outside cities in Norway. Råkvåg is located by the Stjørnfjord, back in time one of the best fjords for herring fishing. Bryggeustillinga is a sales exhibition of arts and crafts. Approx. 80 exhibitors are participating through the season. More:

Stjørna Teaterlag stages a outdoor theatre play in July each year. Food service at Marthabrygga.

Video: A drive from Sørfjorden, Stjørna to the center of Rissa



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