Pothole in the mountains at Roan

Pothole in the mountains at Roan

Pothole in the mountain at Hofstad

Sign by the road at Nerdal where you can park the car. A staircase with 136 steps take you up to the giant cauldron. The pothole is Northern Europe’s largest one in granite.


Viewpoint at Sumstad, Roan

Viewpoint at Sumstad, Roan

On the road to the center of Roan you will drive through idyllic places like Straum and Sumstad. Stop at the local store “Mathjørnet” at Straum. Ask for directions to go to the beautiful lake called Straumsvatnet.  You may camp by the lake and there is a playground by the waterside.

The Roan Museum

The Roan Museum is a museum where you can see old buildings from the time when traditional fishing was the most important for a living. Here is a collection of historic buildings and artifacts from the coastal culture of Roan. The museum is located at Utro which for generations was the place for local fishermen to go out by boat to fish.

The museum “Utro” consists of the approx. 300 year old house Bakkastua from the island called Brandsøya and the Johan Eian House from 1823.  In the last house the main building, a woodshed, attics and Warehouses are built together as one.

Museum at Utro, Roan

Museum at Utro, Roan

The museums collection includes a boathouse and several boats from the 1800s as the “Arntsen boat,” used both as carrier of grain, as a burning peat and as a shuttle boat for the local priest. The Lister Boat was a local fishing boat and a boat that transported dried cod to Kristiansund.

The museum is open every Sunday in July. There is a festival at the museum on the last weekend of July each year. For information please contact the Roan municipality county hall at: Phone: 72 51 00 00


Slumperova is the name of a geysir not far from the museum. The geysir Slumperova was first described by the Italian Francesco Negri in 1664-65. You see it best on days when there is wind from the northwest. The geysir can be up to 20 meters high. See poster at the museum area.

The Fosen Cathedral

Roan Church - the Fosen Cathedral

Roan Church – the Fosen Cathedral

The  Roan church, also called Fosen Cathedral. The church was built in 1702. Both altarpiece, pulpit, epitaph and chalice are very old, the oldest piece is dated way back to 1639.

Open church in summer: Every Tuesday, 02 June – 06 August from 14.00 to 15.30. You can also contact the church office for tour at Phone: 72 53 77 18


At Hongsand.no you will find information on rental cottages and about walking trails. At Roan Sjøcamping you can fish and there is a boat rental. Fish at the ocean or on the bay. The place Hongsand is a nice walking area where you can follow marked trails. Contact the tourist information office at Joker Hongsand for advice on activities and experiences – Phone: 72 53 74 00


at the end of the road is located by the fjord called Skjørafjorden. This is a good starting point for hiking in the mountains of Roan.

Hiking trails at Hongsand, Roan

Hiking trails at Hongsand, Roan

Hiking and walking trails

In Roan there is a short distance from the sea to the mountains. Make use one of the walking trails to get up to a lookout point. In the mountains there are many lakes and in late summer you can pick cloudberries.


Almenningen and Været is a group of islands off the coast of Roan where there are remnants of the old Viking settlement and well-preserved boat houses. There is a marble quarry. Stones from this place was used in the building of the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.


Bessaker is known as the place for the traditional fishing festival each year in July. At the festival there is a fishing contest, music, shows and

Fishing Festival at Bessaker, Roan

Fishing Festival at Bessaker, Roan

more. At Bessaker you can rent cabins and boats. You can take a lovely walk following a road up to Møllestua at the mountain called Bessakerfjellet. Here you will get a panoramic view of the ocean, fairway and this part of the Trøndelag archipelago.


Roan municipality is located north on the Fosen peninsula. You can get there from Trondheim via the ferry from Flakk to Rørvik and then follow Fv715.  You may also drive there from the north from Namsos and Osen.



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