The sittingroom at Mølnargården museum in Bjugn

The sittingroom at Mølnargården museum in Bjugn

Mølnargården – preserved as in old days

The main house at Mølnargården is a Norwegian type of house called “Trønderlån”. The one  at Mølnargården was built in 1848. There is a sitting room and an old kitchen in 1900’s style as well as many other rooms.

There are several other houses here to explore – a storehouse, Hyllnesstua and a barn. The barbecue facilities on the beach is popular. Children like to fish from the floating dock – remember lifejackets! Boats for rent.

The Fosen Photo Library

Photos in the "Fosen Photo Archives" shows daily life in esrlier days

Photos in the “Fosen Photo Archives” shows daily life in earlier days

Mølnargården administers the Fosen Photo Archives. There are currently over 10,000 photos in the archive and more are added. It is possible to purchase copies of images in a desired size.

In the barn you can watch presentations on a big screen with themes like “Bjugn” and “Fosen”. Every summer there is a gallery featuring some of the works from an actual artist.

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