The Harbak Cave in Åfjord, Norway

The Harbak Cave in Åfjord, Norway

The famous Harbak Cave is a natural rock cave 130 meters deep and 40 meters high at the cave opening. You will enjoy a wonderful view over the sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

There is a path up to the cave. As you go inside it becomes narrow and dark. Bring a flashlight.

Concerts in the Harbak cave

The Harbak Cave has a spectacular sound and acoustics, providing a truly unique concert experience. There has been arranged concerts with the Moscow Patriarchs Choir (2008), Concert with The Brazz Brothers (2009), the Vagina Monologues (2010), Eldbjørg Raknes, Stokke, Chernova and Brevik (2012), Quintus (2013) and Cantus (2014).


The Harbak Cave is located in Stokksund, Åfjord, about  30 kilometres from the community center Årnes. The road to Harbak is an attraction by itself.



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