Boat builders at Kystens Arv in Rissa, Norway

Boat builders at Kystens Arv in Rissa, Norway

Boat builders at the “Båtskott” building yard

See how they build traditional boat types from the coast of Trøndelag. Workers build 6-8 traditional, open wooden boats per year, such as the “Åfjordsbåt”, the “Innherredsbåt”, the “Nordmørsbåt”, “the Lister boat”, and others. The museum “Kystens Arv” has one of the largest collections of clinker-built sailing boats.

Boats for sale

Båtskott” boat building yard is one of the few production companies in the Norway that still builds and sells boats. Einar Borgfjord is a recognized boat builder who has been involved in several boat building productions in the country.

Visit boatbuilders at the museum “Kystens Arv”

You can visit the boat builders and see how they work at the museum in Rissa. The boat yard is open every day of the year. Guided tour of the museum with boats, the historic surroundings and the Lofoten Fisheries Exhibition is due in season from May 13. Buy coffee and cakes at Café Tinnarosen. For more information, check out the websites of the museum “Kystens Arv“.

Getting there

If you arrive by car via Trondheim take the ferry from Flakk to Rørvik. Then there is 20 min. drive to Stadsbygda in Rissa where you will find the Museum “Kystens Arv” and “Båtskott” boat building yard. There is a bus service with several daily departures between Trondheim and Rissa. Please contact the bus company “AtB” on Facebook and Twitter or phone 02820.


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