Austrått Fort is a former German fortification with a giant turret in 5 floors. This facility had an important strategic location at the mouth of the Trondheim Fjord.

Guided Tour at Austrått Fort

The facility is now a museum that has engaged expert guides. A guided tour of just under an hour, takes you underground, throughout the turret, the electricity plant and the crew barracks with space for up to 200 men.

Fosen Krigshistoriske samlinger

You can also experience “Fosen Krigshistoriske Samlinger”, an exhibition about the years of occupation in Fosen.

Canon from the battleship Gneisenau

A 28 cm triple cannon from the battleship Gneisenau is molded into the ground. The canon tower is five floors with associated underground facilities on three floors. There is a generator, an ammunition magazine and other facilities.

The canon with platforms are in good condition. It has been preserved with all machine parts functional, but was welded at restoration works in early 1990s. Number of floors: 7 Area: 1,372 square metres.


Center map