The old shop at Gaustadbrygga, Titran

The old shop at Gaustadbrygga, Titran

Titran has a beautiful coastline and waters with little underwater reefs.


The cafe “Isaac Gaustad eftf.” is located in the old shop premises of Isaac Gaustad. The walls of the cafe is decorated with historic photos for over a hundred years ago till present day.

Sletringen lighthouse is Norway's highest-45 m

Sletringen lighthouse is Norway’s highest-45 m

There is a guest harbor, camping, accommodation in an apartment, a laundry and showers.

Sletringen Lighthouse

West of Titran, on a large rock is Norway’s highest lighthouse, Sletringen, which is 45 meters high. The lighthouse you see today is in red iron and was completed in 1923. The first lighthouse on the site was built in 1899.

The chapel and memorial at Titran

The chapel and memorial at Titran

The Titran accident

By Titran chapel stands a monument commemorating the Titran accident in 1899, when 140 fishermen from throughout central Norway drowned during storm at sea. The memorial was unveiled in 1949 and has recently been refurnished.

Stabben Fort

Stabben fort

Stabben fort

By Stabben Fort you will find the remains of a German command tower and canons as well as hundreds of meters of underground passages from the 2nd World War.

These were opened to the public in the 1990s. Over 2,500 Soviet and Serb prisoners of war built the plant during the war, and many are buried at the site.



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