Play and relax in the park at Brekstad

Play and relax in the park at Brekstad

A walk in the park

“Meieriparken” is a green lung in the city streets of Ørland, Norway It’s a all weather kinda park where you can choose the indoors on rainy days.

A playground and a green spot

It`s a breathing space while visiting the coastal village town and the different activities you may choose to do while being at Ørlandet. Here are tows for the kids to climb and a playground.

The coastal city of Brekstad, Ørland

The park is located beside the main street “Yrjarsgata” not far from Ørland Kultursenter. For tips on what to do and see while on Ørlandet, visit Ørland Kultursenter. Here you will find the local tourist office, a cinema, a library and more.

Activities and sightseeings

At Ørland you may choose to go see birds at Grandefjæra. Birdwatching is a popular activity in this region. Ørland Våtmarkssenter provides information on good locations for birdwatching in the Ørland-Bjugn region including Hovsfjæra, Rusasetvatnet and Kråkvågsvaet.

Play golf, go fishing, bicycle riding or use Ørland as your base and gateway to the Atlantic Ocean, or to the mountain wilderness in nearby areas in Fosen.


Stay at Ørland Kysthotell.


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