Fantastic fishing along the coast of Trøndelag

In Trøndelag there are great opportunities for fishing adventures. With a fascinating archipelago, sheltered fjords and easy access to the open sea, all anglers find ideal conditions on the basis of their experience level and desire of challenges.

One of the best areas for sea fishing

The coast of Trøndelag is one of the best areas for sea fishing. In the islands Hitra and Frøya there are numerous islets and reefs that provide shelter from the weather and provide good fishing conditions, while the way out to open waters is short. Fosen is known for excellent fishing both in the fjords and the sea beyond. All along the coast you can rent boats and fishing equipment and stay in charming shacks. You can also join local fishing guides out on the open sea. If you prefere calm waters, there are perfect conditions for both fishing from shore and boat among islets and reefs.

Thousands of lakes for fishing

If you like freshwater fishing in lakes and rivers, we can offer over 1000 lakes where it is possible to fish. Fosen has some of Trøndelags best small salmon rivers. Here is fished much salmon, but also trout and char. Stordalselva is the most famous river, and has outlets in central Åfjord.

Join a guided fishing trip

Roan Sjøfiske_fisk2Are you not familiar with fishing you may want to start with a guided fishing trip.
Many of the actors who rents boats also offer fishing guide on an hourly basis.
For groups it is possible to get out on the ocean in a real fishing boat. With skipper who knows where the best fishing is we guarantee big fish on the hook. It is possible to rent both fishing equipment and clothing

Summary of boat rentals and guided tours can be found here

Stay in hotels or in apartments

When you want to fish in coastal Norway has a wide range of accommodations to choose from. You’ll find everything from hotels and guesthouses to the huts and shacks.