Situated at the outskirts of the Trondheimsfjord, the Wetland system of Ørland is made up of four protected areas. These are Grandefjæra Nature reserve, and the bird concervation areas Hovsfjæra shoreline, Innstranda shoreline and Kråkvågsvaet. Together these Wetland-areas make up a complex which has been under Ramsar protection since 1983. For years, the birdlife of these shallow marine- and tidal-landscapes has been attracting both locals and birders from afar.

The Birdlife of Ørland

Dunlin nests on Havmyran and can be observed resting during migration in Beach shoreline. Photo: Arvid Bredesen

Dunlin. One of the character speices at Ørland during the spring/Autumn migration.Photo: Arvid Bredesen

From a birding perspective Ørland has a lot to offer throughout the year. However, spring and autumn might be concidered high season due to its high number of migrating birds. The main migration route to the Northern areas (From Iceland to Sibera) goes along the Norwegian coast. Especially for ducks and waders the need to have suitable resting- and moulting areas are of uttermost importance. As a result of this the shallow tidealareas at Grandefjæra, Hovsfjæra, Kråkvågsvaet and Innstranda are popular resting areas for a large number of migrating birds. Speices like reg-brested, velvet scoter, eurasian wigeon, dunlin, common starling, eurasian curlew apper in huge numbers during migration- and moultingseasons.

A number of speices also use the shorelines of Ørland as an overwinter site. Speices like yellow-billed loon, common loon, red necked grebe, horned grebe, long tailed duck and velvet scoter occour regularly.

Local support


Grandefjæra Amfi at Ørland. One of several bird-towers designed by biotope Photo: Robert Selfors

For birders and other visitors, the cultural center at Brekstad offers telescopes, binoculars, maps and even bicycles for  rent. The local community is proud of their status as a Ramsar location, and have done a great job in making the wetland systems at Ørland accesible for the public in general.

Getting there and away:

Trondheim-Brekstad: Several daily departures from Trondheim and Brekstad.

Places to stay:

Ørland Kyst Hotell

Brekstad gjestehus