Storms along the coast of Trøndelag

The chapel and memorial at Titran

Monument at Titran in memory of the drowned fishermen.

We are heading towards the time of the year when the days grow shorter, temperaturs fall, and winter is around the corner. With Autumn, the first storms of the season also appers. Historically, storms and rough weather has been associated with fear and danger among the costal population of Trøndelag. For a population relying heavily on fishing, the need to master the wether and elements were of uttermost importance. However, accidents and disasters happend. The consequences of a sudden storm could be fatal and devasting for both fishermen and their families. That was very much the case in 1899 when 140 fishermen drowned outside of Titran on the Island of Frøya.

Storm Watching as an attraction

But storms are not only associated with fear and danger. For humans, the raw forces of the elements can also be enchanting and thrilling. The experience of nature, even in its most harsh and dramatic forms, seem appealing for both turists and locals alike. Everyone who has experienced a real storm know that the experience might be overwhelming and hard to forget.storm3

Storm Watching in Trøndelag

So which destinations along the coast of Trøndelag are suitable for storm watching? Well, there are several good options. Here are a few recommandations:


Situated far out in open sea, the tiny fishing village of Sula is a spectacular and beatiful destination throughout the year. For visitors there are several oppurtunities when it comes to accomodation. Most unique is probably the islands lighthouse where its possible to rent rooms in the lighthouse keeper`s resident.


Sula Fyr

Sula rorbuer og havhotell


Sletringen Lighthouse, at the island of Frøya. You can stay overnight at some of the lighthouses!

Sletringen lighthouse, Titran. Foto: Siw Aina Strømøy

Situated on the west tip of Frøya you will find the former fishing village of Titran. Here the weather conditions are rough throughout the year, and it might be an good destination to experience huge waves. The destination is also highly recommomended if you are into fishing or birdwatching.

Accomodation: Hotel Frøya

Utro in Roan

A couple of kilometers from the village Roan, you will find the old fishing village Utro. In the same area its also possible to visit the sea geysir Slumperova.

Accomodation in Roan