The Nidaros Cathedral. The final goal and grave of St.Olav

The Nidaros Cathedral. The pilgrims final goal and burial site of St.Olav.

Since its reopening in 1997, the Pilgrimsleden, has been a sucess-strory. Thousands of turists have walked in the footsteps of earlier pilgrims to visit Nidaros, Trondheim. Inspired by the sucess of the inland pilgrim paths, there is a strong wish among norwegians to develop a similar route along the coast from Stavanger to Trondheim.

The Costal way to Nidaros, Trondheim

Already in early medival time Trondheim and Norway was a well-know destination for pilgrimage. The name itself – “Nor-Way”- is of old English origin, and means “they way leading up north.” Considering the fact that the costal way was looked up as both faster and more secure than the inland routes, its reasonable to belive that most pilgrimes where traveling along the coast on their way to Nidaros.

The coast from Stavanger to Trondheim contains some of the most breathtaking landscapes of Norway. The landscapes are dramatic and varried: from fjords, archipalago to open sea. One of the goals of the Coastal pilgrime route is to establish a route where travellers can combine public transport (Like Hurtigruta), private boats, kayaks and some shorter legs by foot or bicycle.



Pilgrim-destinations along the coast of Trøndelag

Travelers can vist a handful of relevant stops along the way to Trondheim.

  • Remains from the monastery at Rein, Rissa

    Remains from the monastery at Rein, Rissa

    Rein Monastry in Rissa: With a history that goes back to the age of the Vikings, this catholic monastry in Rissa has a rich history. For visitors its also possible to walk along the digital ancient herritage  trail.

  • The Austrått Manor: One of the oldest manors in Norway contains a small beatiful chapel that is really worth a visit
  • Dolm church at Hitra

    Dolm church at Hitra

    The Dolm Church: Located at the island Hitra. The islands oldest building can trace its history back to early Norwegian christianity.

  • Sula: With its picturesque location, sula is well-suited for travellers seeking silence and inner reflexion.
  • Titran: Another interresting destination is the old fishing village Titran. In earlier times Titran was both an importan harbour, village and churchsite.