Titran Monument

The Titran Monument was erected near Titran chapel in 1949 for the 50th anniversary for the Titran accident. On the monument are the names of the 140 victims engraved.

The Titran accident occurred Friday night on 14 October 1899 as a result of a storm. Many fishermen had gone to sea just the night the storm struck, due to good catches day before and good price of herring. Storm Forecasted had not gotten there in time to Titran, the fishing village the fishermen went out from. It took several days to find out how many people lost their lives and not just Freya was hit by the deceased fishermen, but also Kristiansund, Smøla, Bud and Hitra.

The 5-meter-high monument was created by sculptor Christopher Leirdal. Kilde: Kystnorge AS
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