How to go to Hitra and Frøya


See photos from the coastal region of Trøndelag

The islands of Hitra and Frøya are 125 kilometers west of Trondheim. You may see this beatiful part of the Trøndelag coast by car, boat or bus.

By car
From Trondheim to Orkanger drive E6 and E39. From Orkanger follow FV 714 to Hitra and Frøya. The islands are connected to the mainland via two undersea tunnels.
There are toll roads along the way, but the tunnels to Hitra and Frøya are free. As you drive along you will experience varied nature with mountains, fiords, lakes, waterfalls and maybe deer.

By boat
You may go to Hitra with the Kystekspressen from Trondheim or Kristiansund. Hitra is located exactly between Trondheim and Kristiansund, and the boat trip takes about 1 hour and 45 min. The boat passes many picturesque places, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Kystekspressen corresponds with bus throughout Hitra and Frøya.  From Dyrøy, Frøya, you may travel to the isles outside Frøya  by speedboat or ferry.

By bus
AtB has daily departures from Trondheim to Hitra and Frøya.

There is an overview of all the bus and boat services at the webpages of AtB. You may also call Ruteopplysningen by phone at: 177


How to go to Fosen

Ferga Flakk - Rørvik

The Ferry from Flakk to Rørvik crosses the Trondheim fiord

From Trondheim you can travel to Fosen by car, bus or express boat. It is also possible to travel by plane to Ørland.

By car
It takes approx. 50 min. (including ferry crossing at Flakk-Rørvik) by car from Trondheim to the Fosen peninsula.

Time schedules. for Ferry Flakk-Rørvik (crossing 25 min)

You may also travel on the roads E6/E39/Fv710 heading west along the south side of the Trondheim fiord. Then you may cross the Trondheim fiord at Valset, Agdenes by the Valset – Brekstad Ferry (crossing 25 min).

By boat
Kystekspressen (route 800) Trondheim – Kristiansund go to Hysnes and Brekstad several times a day. Hurtigbåt route 810 Trondheim – Vanvikan (25 minutes).

By bus

Route Trondheim – Osen via Stadsbygd i Rissa, Åfjord and Roan.
Route Trondheim – Rissa – Råkvåg.

By plane
Ørland Airport has a direct route  from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Ørland. Also connection to Aalborg, Denmark. This route is served by Air Norway.

Time tables
Overview of all the bus and boat services are available at the home page of AtB.
You may also Call the Ruteopplysningen at 177.
Home page of Air Norway


Photos from the coastal region of Trøndelag

You will find photos from the coastal region of Trøndelg at: